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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Make your own dog poop composter!

Make your own dog poop composter!: "Did you know that a dog's poop is the largest contribution that pups make to the carbon pawprint of the environment?

Yep, that's right. According to the DogChannel, 'the nation’s 77.5 million dogs each generate an average of 274 pounds of poop a year, most of which ends up in plastic waste bags that can take years to decompose in the local dump.'

So what's a dog to do? Make your own doggie doo composter, right in your own backyard.

If you live in a milder climate where the frost line of the ground only goes about a foot deep, a doggie doo composter is a great way to help the environment and reduce your dog's carbon pawprint.

DogChannel.com put a great page together to help you learn how to make your own dog poop composter. Or you can purchase one online from the resources we've listed below.

Remember if you live in the city and have a city sanitation system, the best way to dispose of the doo is to flush. But if you live in the country, a doggie doo composter is great to help ease the volume in your septic tank.


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