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I started this blog at the urging of my AK friends to help relay my moving to WA. I'm hoping this blog will evolve into a place where I share my home-decorating/remodeling, craft projects, and adventures in dog-ownership.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Dino Hoodies

It's birthday time for a niece and nephew. I've decided that I will make the presents for all the kids this year (don't worry I'll catch the January-February birthdays in 2013.)

So I went to my pinterest and found these,

Decided to make my own, I went to Goodwill and picked up hoodies that will hopefully fit the kids for a while.
Got home and cut out fleece spikes.
I pinned them on in a "straight line" 

And sewed down the middle.  Then for the "spikes" I used Fabric-Tac and put a little glue line down the center (I really don't like sewing by hand).

And there it is.
Hopefully my sisters will send me pics with the kids modeling there hoodies that i'll be able to add soon!
Dino niece at the zoo

Dino niece with Grizzly photo-bombing

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hair Decorations -> And a skirt

James Bond Theme Cocktail Party

I couldn't find many DIY ideas for a grown-up James Bond Theme Cocktail Party (on the cheap).
I went to the thrift store got lots of playing cards and a piece of felt from JoAnns.  And got to work w/my sewing machine.  I cut out about 10 guns from the felt and put them on the bottom of 5-9 card garlands. Super easy to just sew a straight line!! I also made some longer garland with felt "bullets" intermixed.

Playing card and gun garland for James Bond Theme Party

Champagne Jello Shots