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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book Review - Zombies ROCK! or "All-Out-Worldwide-Zombie-Blog-Explosion 2010"

Yippee! I got this book to preview for my blog. 

I loved Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  P&P is one of my favorite books, P&P - A&E version is my favorite movie.  And I think zombies are hilarious.  When Quirk offered a preview of the prequel I wrote write away.

The book was an easy fast read, with more of the origins of Zombies that PPZ left out.  It had the Jane Austen style as far as using the same characters and setting, period dialog, and a ball, but with much looser interpretation than PPZ, mostly in the dialog category.  I liked having more (possible) backstory and character development to a book that I love.  Seeing origins of Elizabeth's rightful bitterness towards men, and Jane's constant goodness was great.  

It felt much shorter than the other Jane Austen adaptations, probably because it wasn't an adaptation and thus wasn't as dense as P&P or S&S.  

I definitely recommend Dawn of the Dreadfuls to all who enjoyed PPZ.  Oh and did you see this? Very exciting!!

Another exciting thing is that you can win one of 50 Quirk Classic Prize Packs: containing advance copies of this book, audio books of PPZ & SSSM , book poster, PPZ journal, and PPZ postcards.  (If you win, you need to send me a postcard!!). By going to this link and mentioning my blog!!!

Thanks for reading my contribution to the "All-Out-Worldwide-Zombie-Blog-Explosion 2010"

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