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Monday, November 14, 2011

Let there be light

solo thais: DIY LIGHTING {hemp pendant light}

I don't know how long ago I saw this plan, but I was thinking that it would be perfect for our master bathroom. But after much discussions and an IKEA trip, decided that we wanted a funky chandelier for the bathroom and the pendant light would work well in our too dark living room.

I gathered all the supplies: hemp, table covering, tacky glue, (later mod podge too), large rubber ball.
And set to work, in the beginning it went really well, smearing the glue on the hemp with my hands, then letting it stick to the ball. But then the glue was getting harder to use, so I added water - which helped, then I began laying the hemp on the ball and then putting the glue directly on the hemp. Finally the ball string was such a sticky chaotic thing that I just put the hemp on without any glue. When I got to a stopping point (11:30 pm on a work night), I began to dump on as much glue as possible, and got the mod podge out too.

Next morning I did and extra coat of clear spray paint, just because.
I waited another day to take out the rubber ball, to let the glue completely cure.

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