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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ombre Dressers

Ombre is "in"
And I needed an easy weekend project.  These dressers my parents got in California in the 70s before they moved to AK, and then I had them all growing up and they moved from AK to WA with me.  So they have definitely been used, and the light blond wood isn't matching.

I need to get better at my before pictures but here they are...

I decided that I wanted the paint to last so I sanded and primed before starting the real painting.

I then mixed white with the brown to make 3 different tints.  I painted the top of the dressers and the top drawers the lightest brown shade. I painted the sides of the dresser the original brown, and the other 2 drawers the other 2 tints.

I let it all dry overnight, did a coat of clear spray paint, waited another day and then moved them back into the house.

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