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I started this blog at the urging of my AK friends to help relay my moving to WA. I'm hoping this blog will evolve into a place where I share my home-decorating/remodeling, craft projects, and adventures in dog-ownership.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Closet Doors

We took off the closet doors when  we first moved in we took the doors off all the closets for painting and what not.  Only one of the closets got their doors back right away, but decided recently that the hall closet also needed the doors back.  (Due to dogs eating large amounts of toilet paper rolls and basically anything else they can get a hold of.)

So I finally found the right size door at the ReStore, decided it needed to be decorated. 

And this is what I decided to do.

Yeah, not sure why I thought silver might be a good idea.  I ended up sanding the door and repainting it brown.

I found a different handle at the ReStore, a glass/crystal pull. 

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