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Monday, June 21, 2010


So...I've been having weird reactions to some foods (itchy tongue, etc.) and some more intense reactions to seasonal pollens, and I've never done well around cats. 

Since I have health insurance again I decided to go to the allergist.  Talking to the Dr. she thought I might be allergic to soy, dairy, shellfish, and had me do a blood test.  Results = I'm allergic to nothing (food wise).  Phew.  I wasn't going to give up cheese or tofu anyways.

Then I figure I should look at these seasonal allergies.  I loose my voice about twice a year completely congested but with no other physical symptoms, so I thought it was allergies, since a cold would make the rest of me feel yucky too. 

I went in and did the huge amount of skin tests leaving my entire back very itchy.  I already knew my skin was very sensitive, the nurse decided that dust mites and grass she needed to recheck, and they both came up very positive on my arm.  With pollens, dogs, cats, showing up positive on my back.
I went back a couple days later to talk to the Dr.  and got the dog lecture (very unrealistic) and decided to do the blood test to just be sure. (And there was some discrepancy about what was actually tested on my arm...)

So I got the phone call on Friday with my blood test results and apparently I'm not allergic to anything... I'm not convinced, I mean if you've seen me when seasons are changing I definitely look allergic, my eyes start flowing when I'm mowing the lawn, around cats my eyes are super itchy and sleeping in a house with cats is often difficult.   But I also don't want to go back to the Dr. and pay another $30 copay to have them not tell me anything.
Of course, I'm going to start doing research...



I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  I'll probably call and ask to clarify the difference between my skin tests and blood tests and for a copy of the results.  I'm definitely annoyed with this whole process.

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Adam and Nicole Jordan said...

Go to a naturpath and get tested. It is the only thing that has worked for us.

Till then, try to deal with it through teas and baths. Docs will just freak you out.